How to Get Secure Before Google Announces Your Vulnerabilities to the Public

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It’s no secret that Google is putting forth a herculean effort to ensure that populated websites are secure for site visitors. Specifically, Google has influenced websites to migrate to HTTPS to promote widespread online security among Internet users. Initially, Google has made it an option for websites to switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

IMPORTANT!, Google is going to mandate all webmasters to switch to HTTPS, effectively beginning in July 2018. For webmasters and website owners, this edict from the Internet giant is a serious requirement that could have severe implications for those that choose to ignore it.

secure-connection-issue (1).pngGoogle will mark any website that doesn’t migrate to HTTPS as unsecuredin the upcoming release of Chrome 68. This marking will become visible to any Internet user trying to gain access to your website, which can ultimately give your business an unprofessional vibe. Understandably, no one wants their website to be blacklisted by Google.

However, the process of securing your website with a HTTPS label can be extensive. To familiarize you with the concept, here is how you can get your website secure before Google announces your vulnerabilities to the public.

Why is This Happening?

Google has actually been trying for years to entice webmasters to switch to HTTPS. It appears now that Google has gotten serious in this pursuit, but there is a reason for this. In July, Google will make some huge improvements to Chrome 68. It has been announced that Google will be incentivizing websites with higher web rankings for having fast page speeds.

Accordingly, Google has also taken the time to fix a concurrent search engine issue. That problem happens to be unsecured websites. The immense threat that an unsecure website can harbor is the high probability that transmitted and stored personal information can be leaked and stolen. Basically, HTTPS websites utilize SSL, which stands for Secure Socket Layer. This safety technology ensures that your personal information is encrypted between the web server and a browser.

In previous years, Google gave warning to Internet users who tried to access a HTTP website. In order to promote Internet safety and accountability, Google is now requiring all websites to switch to HTTPS. The threat of hackers who steal the sensitive data of Internet users is far too great for Google to ignore. Therefore, in order to optimize your search engine optimization, build credibility with your website visitors, and establish a professional online, switching to HTTPS is an ideal move for your business. Fortunately, the process of doing so isn’t that difficult and only requires some in-depth knowledge of the subject.

How to Check for HTTPS

On Google Chrome, you can easily identify websites that have a HTTPS label by checking the search engine bar at the top of the Chrome application.


In the previous Google Chrome versions, you could hardly distinguish the difference between secure websites and unsecured websites. With the newest Google Chrome update, this is now possible.


With Google’s new HTTPS mandate, website visitors will easily be able to detect if your website is secure or not. Therefore, it makes sense to switch to HTTPS before July, mainly because Google will expose your business as dangerous to website visitors.

How to Switch Your Website to HTTPS

In order to switch your website to HTTPS, you will first have to purchase a SSL certificate for your website. This certificate will basically flag your website as secure for visitors. Your SSL certificate will encrypt any important data being transferred over a server, protecting sensitive information such as credit card information, passwords, and even social security numbers.

You can purchase an SSL certificates from a number of big-name providers such as Symantec, DigiCert, and GeoTrust. You can also purchase a SSL certificate from third-party providers as well, such as Comodo and Namecheap.

Have it purchased and installed by a Security Support Professional at PX Media. If done incorrectly you actually might loose access to your site or it may go down completely.

Regardless of where you purchase your SSL certificate, be mindful not to obtain a “free certificate” or create one yourself. Doing so could lead to a website error every time a visitor attempts to access your website.

If you purchase a legitimate SSL certificate, simply install this certificate on your website host’s account. Once this is done, all you have to do is change your links from HTTP to HTTPS and set up 301 redirects to HTTPS to ensure that visitors will always access your secured website.

If you have a WordPress site it will require you to install a SSL plugin. Your host may have problems with this or may not even allow you to install. Quality hosting is a must so contact PX Media and we will help get your protected.

What Are the Benefits of SSL

SSL Certification may now be mandatory. However, this doesn’t mean that the safety feature doesn’t have its perks. As a matter of fact, Google implied years ago that secure websites could receive a small rankings boost. Rightfully so, having a SSL certificate installed will allow visitors to trust your website and your services.

By not having a SSL certificate, you could be exposing your visitors to hackers who diligently steal personal information from websites. Do you truly want to put your visitors at this type of risk? If Google is requiring users to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, your website’s ranking could substantially increase and replace unsecure websites

Overall, the requirement of HTTPS is a win-win situation for both websites and visitors. While your visitors are being protected by your website, your ranking will increase over your competitors who may lack this security.

In light of Google’s new HTTPS requirement, webmasters will now have to prioritize the online safety of their visitors. While many people may see this regulation as an inconvenience, the sudden topic of data breaches among popular internet services is starting to influence websites to make a concentrated effort to boosting the security and privacy of their visitors.

Nonetheless, obtaining an SSL certificate and securing your website will not only keep you in accordance to Google’s upcoming mandate, but it also has some positive benefits that can impact your website ranking.

If you require more information about a SSL certificate and would like to learn more about how PX Media can create a secure website for you, please call us today to speak to our friendly support staff.

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Using Different Versions Of Your Keyword Will Increase Your Website Ranking

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It can’t be stressed enough that great SEO practice is essential to establishing a strong online presence. For businesses and other creatives, being found on the Internet generally leads to potential leads and sales opportunity. To that end, many individuals conduct keyword research to find the best keywords to implement in their content strategy.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough to secure a high ranking on most search engines. Granted, placing keywords in the right places leads to increased ROI, but using different versions of these keywords can heighten your website ranking. We have proof that different keyword versions can drastically improve your ranking, so keep reading on to figure out how.

Search Engines Value Variety. Get with the Program

To understand the core principles of SEO and begin using keywords that boost your website ranking, you must first understand that search engines reward websites that use high ranking keywords in different ways. The concept of this tactic is fairly simple, especially if you assume the role of potential customers. Let’s say you are searching for the best ice cream in Los Angeles.

There are a variety of keywords you can type in a search engine to find the best results. You could use keywords such as, “best ice cream in Los Angeles”, “Los Angeles best ice cream parlor”, or “ice cream Los Angeles”.

Billions of people use the Internet every day, and use different search terms to usually find a particular business or item. Therefore, your website’s ranking entirely depends on your keyword’s flexibility. In other words, search engines value variety, so you should get with the program in order to boost your website ranking.

The Results Speak for Itself

Using different versions of your keywords is a proven method of increasing your website ranking, and we have the data to prove it. We have attached the ranking statistics for our own website to give you a gist of how different keyword variations can affect your ranking.

If you simply take a look at the bottom of the graph, you can see some of our different keyword variations that best describes PX Media. One of our main keywords is “website design in pasadena”. As you can see, we used different versions of this keyword. This has resulted in a 22.9 percent increase in our visibility trend, which is largely ahead of our competitors.

These results have translated well to Google’s search rankings, where our ranking supersedes that of our competitors. After doing a quick Google search of our main keyword, “website design in Pasadena”, it’s no surprise that PX Media is ranked well above the top.

Interestingly, after doing a Google search on the keyword, “Pasadena web design”, our ranking was just as high as the primary keyword.

Essentially, different keyword variations accommodate Internet users who use different search terms to find a particular service. If you do your research and find alternative keywords to place on your website, your ranking will steadily increase above your competitors. That actually brings us to our next point.

Are You Doing Your Keyword Research Correctly?

Traditional keyword research is a common practice among businesses and individuals who care about their website ranking, but is it enough? Also, are you doing your keyword research correctly? Searching for the top keyword in your industry is a sufficient method of increasing your website ranking, but it does not ensure that your website will jump to the front page of search engines.

Considering that people generally don’t use the same keywords in search results, your keyword research should revolve around terms that are closely related to your primary keywords. Researching high ranking keywords that are similar to one another and using them in your website’s content gives your website more organic exposure in regards to SEO.

Though, with thousands of keyword varieties to choose from, it can be a daunting task choosing keyword variations that actually convert results. If finding the right, high-converting keywords is too difficult for you, don’t hesitate to choose our SEO services to increase your website ranking and see immediate results.

Try to Understand What Keywords Visitors Prefer and Why

Obtaining success using keywords is an intricate task, regardless of any method you employ. In this particular case, using different keywords increases your chance of ranking high on search engines. Nonetheless, when you receive data that pertains to your keyword usage, your success wholly depends on how you interpret it in relation to your competitors. In other words, you have to understand what keywords your visitors prefer and why.

Finding out why your visitors prefer a specific keyword variation is the key to your SEO efforts. You can usually find which keywords your visitors prefer by doing a quick check of your rankings overview and seeing the most high-ranking keywords on your website. After doing this search, experiment with your keywords and try to understand why your keywords use these terms to identify your business. Once you grasp this concept, it will become much easier determining your own effective SEO strategy.

Furthermore, it’s often best to experiment with different keyword variations and see what your data looks like. Make sure to compare this data to your competitors. After all, you are essentially fighting for ranking and online presence. In the graph above, PX Media ranks ahead of its competitors using the same keywords. After you do your research and find the right keywords to use, make it your goal to surpass your competitor’s ranking.

Overall, using different versions of your keywords will improve your ranking on major search engines. All in all, this success depends on your research and interpretation of your data. Using our own website ranking statistics as proof, you too can benefit from the use of similar keywords. All it takes is extensive research and a committed SEO approach.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you improve your website ranking, please contact us today to speak to one of our specialists about your SEO project.

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How to Rule SEO in 2018

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Happy New Year from PX Media! We hope 2018 is going well for you and your business so far this year. Experts are saying it should be a banner year for businesses that stay smart and evolve their strategies when it comes to how they present themselves online. It’s an exciting new day in the world of SEO and we’re glad to have your attention.

While each New Year brings a brand new set of criteria to match when it comes to modern businesses and SEO, the good news is the fundamentals of SEO remain the same. So experience is key when it comes to SEO strategy and fundamentals. Unfortunately, SEO success in 2018 is not something you can dabble in to see real results. In the long run, working with an experienced, honest, and affordable team to manage your site marketing can save you both time and money – not to mention the confusing and frustrating side effects that come from doing your SEO solo.

In essence, what worked in 2017 will work with the same efficiency in 2018. Everyone knows the benchmark for ranking high on search engines is a strategic diet of keyword choices, credible backlinks, online authority, well-planned social media, and targeted paid advertising. Today, for instance, you can expect something called “scaling measures” in order for your business to dominate search engine results. Through testing, you can adapt and revamp your ad buy/presence in real time according to desired results. Along with scaling, indexing, backlinking, keyword targeting, and other proven SEO strategies continue to stay formidable players in 2018.

Below are a few nuggets of SEO advice we at PX Media offer standard to all our new clients. We hope to help improve your ranking in 2018. Enjoy and good luck.

2018 SEO Techniques & Rules

Establish Content Authority

Authority is how well your website content is considered a trusted business “source” among other well-established websites in your genre. Authority can be equated to how many websites have used a page URL from your website as a business reference (be it a link on another website’s resources section or a link-back through an article pulled from your company’s website). You can find your own website’s domain authority through tools like SMERush and MozBar. Raising a company’s authority through content and SEO strategy can bring results within just a few months.

Be Fast or Be Gone

The standard website should take no more than a few seconds to load. Slow, sluggish, dated, error-ridden websites are not going to fair too well in 2018. Companies can instantly enhance the speed of their website by reducing the server response time, caching pages as well as minifying and combining CSS and JavaScript can drastically reduce the size of each page. If your host is not enabling compression like GZIP you should look for another host. Reducing the size (MBs) of images on your site using tools for image optimization is equally effective in increasing website speed. All should be used as well as many configurations on how browsers handle your code.

Use Both CDN and DNS Wherever Possible

Using content-deliver networks (CDNs) like Amazon’s CloudFront is crucial to having the ability to quickly serve your content to users, no matter where they are in the world. CDNs help companies unfold their content across multiple servers across the globe through what is called a mirroring technique. Mirroring manages all content on all servers – no matter their physical location. In addition, companies can think about pointing their domain name server (DNS) to a company like Cloudflare or Sucuri (Our Favorite) that offers CDN, DNS, DDoS protection, and security firewall – all in one convenient package. Sucuri can even keep your site working during a server crash.

Ensure Your Site Is Error Free – Front to Back

It’s what you cannot see on your website that can negatively affect your site ranking. We’re not talking about the traditional errors such as typos, 404’s and broken links. We’re talking about critical backend errors only visible by using specialized tools such as Google Webmaster. If you did everything mentioned in this article and decided to skip this one step, your site ranking with Google would be almost nonexistent. There are two sides to clean, high-ranking SEO performance. Make sure your site is running at 100% efficiency on the backend, as well as on the front.

Content. Content. Content.

The impact of content has emerged throughout the years and it’s not surprising that 2018 will call for even more targeted content generation from businesses online. Content adds value to the website. Today, lackluster content and content “spinning” is frowned upon by search engines, so engaging customers with interactive content will have a major impact on website rankings in 2018.

There are no shortcuts for creating informative, engaging content. Your words and pictures need to establish trust and maintain a level of freshness. The ability for Google to sniff out shoddy content is improving every month, which means your content also needs to be updated on regular basis, thus helping to improve site rankings. One of the latest content strategies is increasing article word counts to over 2,000. As well, healthy internal and external links, the solid user of footnotes, sources, statistics, and referenced studies within your content will build authority and trust among potential clients. Relevant keywords and the ability to develop useful, source-rich content wins for online companies in 2018.

Responsiveness. Responsiveness. Responsiveness.

Mobile searches are outpacing desktop searches nowadays, especially in mobile responsiveness and overall value. According to Search Engine Land, the online authority on all things SEO and more, out of total searches made in the year 2016, 60% were carried out through mobile devices. The creation and implementation of a solid CSS library on all platforms can ensure your company’s website looks good and performs at optimum levels on all screens. Do you know if your site passes the mobile-friendly test? Google now ranks non-responsive sites lower.

Enhance User Experience (EUE)

At the end of the day, it’s pretty simple: Develop a site that is user-friendly and interesting to read. A laundry list for enhancing user experience on your company website is as follows: utilizing breadcrumbs for navigation; implementing fast-site search; avoiding the use of too many site graphics; ensuring your menu bar is easy to navigate; adopting tags for providing categories to your content, and installing pop-ups wherever necessary. Done right and you’ll see improvements in weeks. Done wrong and well, “the abyss.”

Build Solid Links

Creating quality links is key to high rankings, especially those links that you use on your site from other sources. Outbound links are vital. Be sure to make every page of content redirects the users to an outbound link. Even better, try using organic backlinks to rank higher and quicker. Be sure the source DA score is good. A toxic link to your site will get you a penalty.

Don’t Go Ad Crazy

The extensive use of online advertising will annoy your users. Make sure you follow the strict rules for creating online advertisements and be sure not to distract the attention of the users away from your own site content.

In 2018, It’s All About LSI

One of the most sought-after and important SEO techniques is diversifying keywords using a process called latent-semantic indexing techniques (LSI). LSI is a concept that search engines like Google use to discover how a term (single word) and content work together to mean the same thing (Google now knows when you use a synonym for a word of the same meaning). By using Google-approved LSI keywords, you are able to appease the beast and get your content to rank higher and with more authority.

In 2018, you can expect millions of users on social media, which means your SEO strategy has to be improved to meet the requirements of your specific segment of these millions of users. Your message needs to be targeted and your voice trusted. Creating viral content for social networking can be a very effective marketing tool, as well as audio bites, videos, and podcasts. It’s all in an effort to get people talking about your company and coming back for more of what separates your business from the rest of the pack.

With that – let’s get optimizing your website for 2018 in a fast, clean, and high-ranking fashion.

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Finding The Ideal SEO Writer will Boost Your Website Traffic

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An SEO writer develops content that is optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When content is optimized for SEO, the search engines can easily identify the relevant keywords and phrases which can boost the organic search results and traffic to your website. While content is and has been the key to boosting the rank, it’s important to find the best SEO writer that will help increase your ROI.

SEO Writing can be either GOOD or BAD. Can you tell the difference?

Good SEO writing will help your website and boost the ranking while Bad SEO writing can hurt and you rank would of course drop. You need to understand the difference before you hire the SEO writer. Don’t hire a writer who might end up damaging the success of your website through poor writing. Make the wrong decision and it can ruin the domain authority, reduce the traffic or worse, your site may be penalized by Google. Never forget any drop in rank could take months to repair.

How do you know if Search Engines don’t like your content?

Search Engine Algorithms work based on a high percentage favoring keywords and content. What would happen if search engines didn’t follow structure but instead delivered only content to the users because of keywords? The main concept of SEO and SEO writing is to provide value to the users query and by boosting the page rank through keyword relevancy, sentence structure, site performance, speed and many another optimization strategies. Otherwise search results could be anything and nothing at the same time. Basically the search would be useless.

How Google and other Search Engines think

Search engines always aim to deliver the best content to the users based on relevance of the content, authority of the site, trust factor and the user engagement. Though Search Engine Algorithms are designed to detect the best content, keyword stuffing, hiding keywords, spam linking do not boost the traffic and eventually, your website loses its Value. Google’s AI is much smarter than you think.

If you are looking for an SEO writer, you need an SEO WRITER who can boost your investment for your business and website.

How to find the ideal SEO Writer for your business?

Most businesses offer less pay for their SEO content without considering the heavy drawbacks. Horrible articles will not help you in winning the best placement in search engine ranking. A good writer understands how to create content that is meaningful and error-free. Eye catching and entertaining to read. They will take care of the punctuation, dialogue flow and grammar which is essential for good content. Finding the right writer takes time, so be patient.

A Writer who knows how to work closely with the SEO expert

Good SEO Writer knows how to work with your SEO expert. They should talk, discuss and define the content by working together. The results will be good only when the writer coordinates with the SEO expert to make sure all needed content flows. An SEO writer is not the same thing as an SEO expert. Writing is only about 50% of the rank boosting effort. Hiring a team is always best.

A Writer who writes for readers rather than for Search engines

A writer knows that his content is posted on the internet for search engines to crawl and to help rank the website. However, as a good writer, the focus must be on the readers who will experience the writing rather than the search engine algorithm that blindly rank the website. Customers/readers should be the first priority for writing and the second priority is on SEO aspects. As noted above,” Google is smart.”

A writer who understands the needs of the audience

As discussed earlier, a good writer writes for people, humans, you and me. How do they achieve this? Undoubtedly by doing research on their readers and the subject of the content. A writer would be considered excellent only if they are able to write articles that interest the reader. Keeping an eye on bounce rate is a good tool to measure how your audience is reacting to the content. Understanding the needs of the audience is essential to being a good SEO writer.

Understands the trends of SEO but not as an SEO expert

A good writer need not be an (overall) SEO expert but should have a good understanding of SEO. The writer should be able to use the keywords naturally without stuffing them. Keywords must be placed in the title, in the first paragraph, and in the heading. A good SEO writer knows how long the content needs to be and should be able to avoid unnecessary elements that can hurt the SEO effort. It’s good to avoid writers who do not have basic SEO knowledge.

A writer who can deliver viral content

A good writer is not someone who just delivers quick articles. They take time to understand the trends and the need for the client. They write viral content that people would love to share. Every business needs a writer who can write exciting contents that will go viral on different platforms.

A writer who understands the Art Of The Headline

Content is normally self-promotional so writers need to write content that has meaningful headlines that stands out and grabs the readers attention. Content should have enough personality that it connects easily with its readers. You can try playing with it, make it fun or trick the mind. If you can get the reads interest from the headline you have a much better chance of them continuing to read.

Overall, an SEO writer should be able to create content that is meaningful for the readers and follow any existing marketing material & branding. Just remember that good writers aren’t cheap. If they are, your barking up the wrong tree. Saving money now will cost you 10x more later.

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Easy Tips To Optimize Your Local SEO Marketing In 2018

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Almost every business is practicing SEO however small and local business need to rely on SEO to build a complete online presence and increase their exposure. The rules of SEO keep changing and its essential for every business to grow along with the new trends and strategies. Here are proven tips and tricks to kick-start your local SEO marketing in 2018.

Search engine changes the way it delivers the content to us. The role of a search engine is to provide relevant contents and results to every query based on search history, browsing behavior, location and other patterns. This eventually means that local search results are more important than ever.

If your business makes it to the top of the results for a relevant keyword and location, you’ll generate more visitors, leads and make sales from your website. Local business competition is higher than ever and you need to be on the top of the search engine in order to capture the leads.

Online Directories To Improve Local Search

Most users trust the local search results for finding local businesses. The best way to get your business high in the Search engine rankings is to create strong content on business directories. Every small business should list their business on business directories. “Business name, address, and the phone number” are the important information that should be present. The NAP should be consistent in every directory. You must check the spelling and other information before publishing them.

CitySearch, Merchant Circle, Yelp are some of the directors you can use to publish the company information.

Reviews And Ratings From Customers

Reviews are essential for every business. Most of the customers are active on every social media platform and it’s not difficult to get more reviews. You must encourage the users to review and rate the product and respond to their reviews right away. You need to stay connected with the customers by listening to their feedback and answering their queries.

Reviews are the online word-of-mouth marketing technique that brings more visitors to your website. Monitoring the Facebook Page and Google Business Page is essential. Most customers look for your Facebook Page or Google my business listing to know the address or contact details so you have to pay more attention. There are many tools that would help you manage all the social media account on one dashboard. HootSuite is one of the useful tools that help you manage almost every social media account.

A 100 percent user-generated customer review can bring a lot of business. Google trust your page based on the reviews so it is important to enable your reviews and ratings to the SERPs.

Use Local Structured Data/Schema Markup

Business owners have to add/include the Schema markup to the website code. This allows the search engines to get more details about your business website. This schema markup can be added to the website through HTML Microdata. If the businesses set this data correctly, they have better chance to get higher ranks on search engines. Google Structured Data Testing Tool will help you test the installation of the markup on your website.

There’s going to be a rise in the Voice search in 2018 so this Schema markup can help you optimize the voice search. Virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, Siri will help you find the local businesses through voice search.

Do Not Forget The Basics

  • Page title
  • Meta Description
  • URL of the page
  • H1, H2, H3 tags
  • Image Alt Text

Title tags and meta descriptions are the best HTML elements that describe the content on SERP. Google has improved the width of the search results which means you have more space to write longer title and meta description. This gives you the advantage to describe the business in a clear manner. In the sea of competition, you must ensure the meta description and title are unique and the keyword is placed correctly.

Writing content concentrating on the Local business is also an added advantage. Ensure you optimize your local search engine with the latest update and trends and be sure your business is ready to face the Local SEO challenges in 2018.

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Reveal The Secrets Of Dominating Local Search Optimization In 2018

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We are in the 21st century and the Internet world is spinning at a relentless rate. One of the major components of any Search engine, SEO is also changing drastically levying newer set of rules and workable tactics. In such a transforming world, you just have to work hard every day and grow, it’s as simple as that.

As plenty of digital marketers and SEO Experts are closer to their final stretch of 2017, the biggest question the haunting majority of people is the mystery of SEO in 2018. To help ease the heavy load of SEO in 2018, here is how you can conquer the local SEO in 2018.

1. Local Citations

According to a Google Search, it unveiled that four out of five users admired local search engines more than anything else. This makes local SEO join the high stake affairs for local business. The best-loved way to give a local website its importance on SERP’s is to create pages of quality content on business directories.

Here are some of the best practices

· Get your Google Maps Marketing and Google Business meeting sculpted in the right place.

· Make a list of top business directories and generate quality content on each of your web pages.

· Search for your missing directories and fix them as soon as possible.

2. Implement User reviews and ratings

The number of positive reviews; more importance will be given to your business website. Positive reviews are an important local SEO ranking factor which adds tremendous value to your website.

Also, a customer-generated review powerfully boosts the long-tail keyword traffic.

According to Google, it is recommended to have at least 3.5 out of 5 to get your results on SERP.

Hence, every business must strive hard to keep a five-star rating for an improvement in website traffic and to generation  higher revenue, ROI.

3. Using Schema Markup to a great extent

Schema Markup has been in the eye of most SEO experts for quite a while now. For any local business, it is high time to raise their schema markup game. For startups, you can add structured data markup to your webpage code for including vital information.

Using a Google Structured Data Testing Tool can help in identifying the possible errors and fixing every possible aspect.

For an advanced business, look for different business startup tags which will help in differentiating your startup from the rest.

According to estimation, less than 50 percent websites use local schema markup for local SEO.

4.       Get the Titles and Meta descriptions up to the mark

You can do quite a bit of experimenting with SEO but one thing has remained constant over the years of SEO. Yes, the Titles and Meta descriptions. Treating them as mini ads for your website will reap tremendous benefits for you in future.

In 2016, Google had an increment in the width of search results to 600 px which enables the title tags to be within 55 to 60 characters.

You can use a couple of useful tools for checking your title and meta tags such as Yoast’s SEO Plugin for WordPress and SEOmofo.

Further, for reducing mistakes down to a considerable amount, I recommended that you read the Hubspot’s guide for writing meta tags and title descriptions.

Final Verdict

Local SEO is undoubtedly the best bet for local business to shine and expand their empires. Hence, Go through the above guide and be Ready to Rock in 2018 with your business website.

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How To Build Better Website For Your Brand

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What crosses your mind when you first think of launching your very first website? You might be thinking of learning some programming languages, upgrading your designing skills or you might even feel tempted to sign up for a paid course from Udemy.

But believe us; you are going to waste your money, time and energy if you decide to choose any of the above options. Your website will fail miserably if you keep your focus on things that are vital for the future growth of your website. At PX Media Inc, a trusted web development company in Los Angeles, we have seen numerous business organizations making the same mistake over the years.

Maybe you might eventually manage to develop a beautiful website with powerful features and functionalities but you will fail eventually if you don’t focus on the core concept of developing a website. Success of any website depends on the deep understanding of the psychology of the targeted audience. There are many other important aspects that you need to remain aware of such as –

Plan your Plan first

Only relying on your gut feeling is not going to help you build a successful website. Without having a proper plan in advance, your plan to launch a fully functional website might come to a screeching halt. There are important processes that need to be maintained.

If you don’t invest your time in research and strategy, all your efforts to build a better website for your brand will go up in smoke. Since it acts as a bridge between your customers and your brand or organization, you need to make sure that the website is working seamlessly on all devices and browsers. If people face issues like – broken links, non-responsive pages or slow loading, they will just leave immediately.

If you don’t focus on your visitors needs while developing a website, we are quite sure that it is not going to yield any productive outcome at the end. 82% of the shoppers conduct online research before buying and if you are in the B2B market, the number goes to 94%. This figure clearly shows how competitive the market is. It means you will have to put in extra time and efforts to make your website look stunning so that your visitors don’t bounce back from your website.

Check out this to reduce Bounce Rate. Click Here

Defining Goals

You need to define your goals and they should not be abstract. You need to set goals that are measurable. Getting more traffic or generating more leads will not help you to achieve your goals. For example, if you have set traffic as your goal, you should be more specific about the traffic. Getting traffic from irrelevant sources will not take you anywhere close to meeting your business goal. You must define your goals in crystal clear words before you even start designing the basic structure of your website and in this case, you have to specify what kind of traffic you are aiming for and over what period of time.

These are simple questions and they demand simple and straightforward answers. Once you have the answers, you will be able to measure your goals. After that you can start designing the website that will be in line with your overall marketing objectives. By defining goals in advance you will you will know where you have missed and by how much.

Think About Customer

How can you even think of designing your website without taking into account your customers’ likes and dislikes? That is insane!

Always remember that your website is the main communication tool between you and your customer. And to communicate with your customer best, you need to create a simple and stunning website that ranks high both on usability and readability fronts. Website are design for your customers, NOT FOR YOU. So, make sure your customers will engage by creating a look and feel that they enjoy.

Allow your customers to get in touch with you by adding some functions like – Quick Contact Box, Live Chat Option or by adding a simple Contact Us box. This will allow you get feedbacks from your customers and this will definitely help you build a better website for your brand. Place clickable contact info at the top and bottom of every page. Most impurely for mobile. Your phone number / maybe other contact info depending on if you are a on-line or brick and mortar business should be the first thing they see at the top of their phones.

Simplify the Buyer’s Journey

The visitors of your website can be broadly categorized into three different types. The first type is the novice one who has no idea where the solution to his problem exist; the 2nd type is the intelligent one who knows that the solution to their problem exists and also knows where to find the solution but is just researching to find the best deal. The 3rd one is the motivated one who is hell-bent on finding the solution and is willing to open their wallet to get it.

So, while designing your website, you need to take into accounts these three types of visitors and their mindsets. Each customer goes through different cycle of the buying stages and it is quite normal for them not to trust your brand. So, the design and the overall structure of your website should be done in such a way that can instill trust in the minds of the viewers. Perception is EVERYTHING on the web. You need to make them feel comfortable while browsing your website. So, get rid of any distractions and try to make it look as simple and elegant as possible. Don’t make your users work. Follow world-wide guidelines so users will feel familiar the second they land on your page.

You need to eliminate all gaudy elements from the template that can somehow interfere with the buyer’s journey. Try A/B testing and then figure out which version of the landing page is converting more visitors. Stick to that version and you will be able to see higher conversion rate. This about this.”If you bold all the text on the page, nothing is bold.” This goes for graphics as well. Everything can’t be screaming at you. Nothing will be heard. Bold the path you want your users to take. Make it obvious.

Content Strategy

The content of your website has to be relevant and should cater to the needs of the audience. You simply can’t write content that focuses solely on search engine optimization and neglects the users. Of course, the content of your website needs to contain keywords but you need to make sure that the content does not read like it is written by some robots. The content of your website has to be human friendly and it has to contain keywords at the same time but the keywords have to be blended naturally within the content.

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