Month: June 2015

Avoid Common Mistakes and Keep Your Visitors Interested

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If you’re an online entrepreneur, I’m sure you’re familiar with the difficulty in keeping your visitors entertained with features and all essential content and designs. You must have interesting enough content to hook your target audience.

People browse the internet for various reasons. Some do it for buying products or information research; while others surf just for entertainment. Whatever the reason, they’ll be at least a hundred websites to choose from within any given category. You site must grab the users attention within a few seconds and then keep them interested enough to interact.

Hire a good Website Design company in Los Angeles, and they will ensure that your visitors experience the optimal experience when visiting your website. They will implement the latest techniques, technologies and help you to keep your site running smoothly and updated.

Most online ventures fail because they do not know what is necessary to keep a business website maintained. Don’t push your visitors away by making mistakes like the ones below:

  • Too much text. People are generally in a rush. Show them a page with to much text and they will leave. You should use just enough text to get your message across and no more. Avoid additional and useless information. Engage users only with authentic and essential text.
  • Slow loading sites not only look unprofessional but can hinder website ranking on search engines. People will not wait, they will simply move on. Consider hiring a web design firm that understands the process of image and code optimization.
  • Not viewable on mobile devices or not mobile friendly. Be sure to test your site on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. People prefer to use sites that can be easily available and can be accessed anywhere. Stay away from Flash. More than 50% of visitors will not be able to see anything in Flash.
  • An auto-playing welcoming video. This can be seriously boring and irritating if the same audio or video keeps playing repeatedly every time he/she comes back to your home page or when they reload. Always let the user select if they wish to interact. Never push anything on visitors.

Don’t limit your communication with visitors. Keep them intrigued. Small mistakes will destroy any chance you may have with turning a visitor into a client. Have your graphic design studio Los Angeles check your site and help you repair your chances of landing a new sale.


PX Media: One Stop Solution for All Your Website Endeavors!

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We are a full service Graphic and Website Design Company in Pasadena committed to provide creative designs, and excellent customer service at affordable prices. We initially started as a WordPress developer, creating and maintaining many WordPress websites. Today, we have a nice size clientele base. Consult with us for all services related to graphics and website design Pasadena.

Designing, Developing, Optimizing! We do it all!

If you are wondering how to find an appropriate ecommerce hosting solution, PX Media of website design Pasadena suggests WooCommerce. We are specialized in WooCommerce Development, building, content and optimizing your online e-commerce store. Mixed with a collection of aesthetic design, search engine optimization (SEO) and integrated services we provide the complete service, begining to end, to get your store up and running online. There’s nothing that influences an audience as much as simplicity in a creatively built web composition. We prioritize effectiveness of a minimalist UI design along with a well designed typeface. We tailor the grid system specially to your needs.

Selecting a design that is appropriate for you and your target base and also offer Search Engine Optimization for your website and online presence. This means that you are not only provided with a great looking site, but you’ll also obtain a site that will generate traffic.

We offer cost-cutting services!

If you have an interest in getting a website built, but you’er concerned about the costs, call or email us, we’ll discuss your budget and website needs with you. We were a start-up businessmen ourselves, we know the problems of getting the different parts of a new business up and functioning while maintain the expenses. We work with committed individuals who possess a great passion for their work and sense of purpose.

We being one of the most reliable Graphic Design Firms Los Angeles, offer all aspects of visual design, branding logos, print materials and much more. We are committed and specialized in helping you efficiently communicate to your desired audience and deliver your image and brand. Your interests form an integral part of our creative process to generate a visual connection to your clients.

Appreciation Matters and Counts!

Though it’s right that Website Maintenance and Web Design can be accomplished from anywhere and we service users from Pasadena, Los Angeles, California to San Diego, we like to work with the individuals and companies here in our own community. It provides us a great feeling of achievement when we can walk down the street and stop in to see a client and check in with them, or to see someone and have them say, “Thank you so much, the website looks great!” It makes our day!