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What Is The Most Important Marketing Decision When Creating An Online Business?

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In an ideal situation, your domain name should explain exactly what your business does. This is an essential part of how your domain will be ranked by a search engine. In fact, most search engines consider your domain name as the highest ranking element of your website.

Consider the acronym CSA. What is CSA? You would never know by only reading the acronym. It happens to be a consumer review website, where you can post reviews about good and bad customer service for U.S. businesses. People are not going to search for a business or terms they have never heard of, such as CSA. It’s best to have the most relevant keywords in the domain name, or search terms, that a prospective customer might enter into the search field of a web browser.

Now look at the domain This is a domain name with relevant key words, which explain the focus of the business. It’s also what the acronym CSA stands for. A simple choice like a domain name becomes essential to the planning stages of any new online venture. If you want to be at the top of the search results on the biggest search engines, spend the time up front so people can find you!

Here’s another example of how search terms can help your website’s ranking. Let’s say that you live in Pasadena, CA, and you’re looking for a Flash designer. Try searching for the term “Pasadena Flash Design” on Google. PX Media appears on the first page of your search results. Now think about the domain name. You are probably thinking that doesn’t have the word “Flash” in it, yet it appears in the top search results but, you will see listings of other companies with the word “Flash” as part of their domain names. “Why”. This is a unique situation where PX Media has worked for years to get its website to rank on the first page, using may essential components of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The 2nd most important is your page naming or URL structure.

Anything that is listed after the domain name extension (e.g. .com, or .net) is the path that your customer will follow to a particular page on your website. For example, look at the following web link: This is another factor that will be considered in the overall website rank. Google will index the full URL of each page, which includes the domain name and the full page name. This is one reason that PX Media ranks as high as it does, because of its high individual page rankings. We user keywords throughout the page name and URL. This is a SEO trick we were using before most people knew what SEO was.

Search engines like Google use sophisticated robots or spiders to index each page of your website. You should aim to make each page of your website as important as the home page. For example, when someone searches for a particular keyword, Google will give them the most relevant and up-to-date individual web pages with those results. This could be any page of your website, where some might be weaker than others. This page may be the only thing that a prospective customer sees for your business. If it doesn’t grab their attention and evoke a call to action (calling you, or going to another page on your website), they may move on to a competitor’s website and never see your home page. Make each and every page relevant and most important. Give the user something to do. Never forget to have a CALL TO ACTION on every page.

SEO has greatly evolved over the past five years and continues to change as each search engine changes their website ranking guidelines. Besides your domain name, another way to improve your website rank is to use two or more domain names. However, Google, or the largest search engine, only ranks the main domain name. You can use one domain name for ranking purposes, while another domain can be used for marketing purposes. For example, you can redirect a second domain name to the main domain to help boost your total website traffic. or use a simplified domain so that your clients don’t need to spell out your full SEO domain.

PX Media prides itself on its SEO knowledge and takes a pro-active stance on following the latest SEO trends and methodologies. Give us a call today and learn how PX Media can help your business get to the top of the search results!


Building a successful business is all about Content Marketing

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iStock_000011896678_Double copy“We are selling mouthwatering scrumptious cookies that you have never tasted before; they’er guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and are made specifically to tantalize your taste buds.This all at an exciting price of $5/Cookie”– Buy that? If yes, why so?

Because they are customized cookies that you have never tasted? Or they are at an exciting price? Can’t decide?

Perhaps none of the reasons mentioned above allure the customer into buying the cookies. It’s just the manner in which the cookies were presented to the potential customers that makes them desirable.

Over the past decade, the Internet has deepened its roots into people’s daily lives and made the whole world a potential buyer of products, regardless of their country of origin. All the recent hemming and hawing about the sprawling beast of content marketing has further strengthened its significance. To succeed in internet marketing, one needs to come up with strong and unique content to publicize their products. SEO, email, social media, websites, sales — all these areas, and more, come under content marketing’s umbrella.

According to research published in Interconnected World in 2012, “61% of global internet users research products online.” In order to have the product/services visible to the customers, the content plays a significant role. It helps the product become recognized and improves the potential customer’s search ability. The use of more appropriate keywords directly impacts the chances of a specific site showing up on Google’s first page.

Another study concludes that businesses with websites of 401-1000 pages get 6x more leads than those with 51-100 pages. The larger the number of pages contained in a website; the more it is considered authentic and more often referred by Google. Blogging is yet another great medium, utilizing content marketing to its best. Every new blog post is recognized as a unique web page. More interesting content on the page increases its visits, as well as the blog’s exposure.

People are engaging more and more with social media. It is a great platform for businesses to market their products. Content marketing helps the audience connect with their desired product or service and increases the overall exposure that the searched business receives.

Moving to conclusion, marketing – specifically content marketing, is extremely important for any business. The modern world relies on the Internet and social media to get recommendations for almost every type of product or service. A strong online presence can do wonders for a business and substantially improve its revenues.

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Functional Ecommerce Web Design For Profitable Online Retail Business

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Looking at the current trend it seems clear that the rise of online shopping is here to stay. So, it’s significant for an online retail business like yours to make sure your ecommerce web design is delivering a profitable (ROI). Ecommerce web design lies at the foundation of the online retail success. The clarity, security, the functionality and the user experience are all major components of a profitable online retail presence. So, stop experimenting with your ecommerce design and hire a reliable service provider like ecommerce web design in Los Angeles. Now is the right time, don’t put it off. Your visitors and customers will form an opinion about your business within a few seconds of visiting your ecommerce website.

You may think that designing an ecommerce store is not that difficult. It takes 1000’s of lines of code and graphics to make your visitors feel at ease. Hire a professional Internet marketing company in Los Angeles that can help you with custom programming, ecommerce design and database work of your online shopping cart. Make sure your Internet marketing partner helps you with flexible and feature-rich ecommerce design to attract more visitors, more conversion, and more ROI which in turn will equal more profits.

Choosing a ecommerce web design in Los Angeles that is professional and trustworthy is a smart decision as they will design a website that will work for your business and target audience. You will be freed up to run your business and your ecommerce website will do the rest. Your increased sales will give you an opportunity to expand your business, create more profit and offer more products and services. In the end, It’s all about getting your website to be as automated as possible.

How serious are you about generating real profit from your ecommerce web design? Now is the right time to make the call.

Contact us today. 

PX Media ecommerce web design in Los Angeles is very passionate about helping our clients profit. We offer all ecommerce web design services to help take your online retail business to the next level. Some call this full service, “We call it ease of use.”

Better Results When Working With the Best Professionals for Your Website Design Project

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If you want your online business to have an advantage, then you need to be serious and do your research. Hire a web design professional who will help with your planning, development and production of your online project. Whether it’s a personal or business project, they will save you time and mistakes, which will help save you money. Your website should be modern and must include the latest techniques, tools and technologies for getting more traffic and user response.

In today’s virtual world, your location is not an issue but, in order to be successful, you need to hire an agency that offers professional graphic design in PasadenaOur clients are all over the world. Call today: 626.390.1082

 A good graphic design will appeal to many visitors. It not only improves the overall look and feel of the website but, It also helps give the viewer a better feel or personality of the business. For example a shopping cart design company in Los Angeles will help you to make your transactions more significant by adding more user-friendly approach for the target user group for your business or product.

A website is not merely a combination of pictures and text. Other functions need to be effective as well so users can navigate throughout your website with no confusion. Conveying the right information at the right time, in the proper manner. This skill comes only from professionals who have studied user interaction.

Attract more customers and visitors by hiring PX Media professionals to build you on line business. You will see significant improvements during your project with well thought out goals and ideas. There are many designers and professionals that offer design but not many with the client and user experience as we do at PX Media. Be sure to choose the best, even if they are a bit expensive. Ultimately, you will gain knowledge, experience and most of all profit from all the advantages a pro can offer.

Avoid Common Mistakes and Keep Your Visitors Interested

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If you’re an online entrepreneur, I’m sure you’re familiar with the difficulty in keeping your visitors entertained with features and all essential content and designs. You must have interesting enough content to hook your target audience.

People browse the internet for various reasons. Some do it for buying products or information research; while others surf just for entertainment. Whatever the reason, they’ll be at least a hundred websites to choose from within any given category. You site must grab the users attention within a few seconds and then keep them interested enough to interact.

Hire a good Website Design company in Los Angeles, and they will ensure that your visitors experience the optimal experience when visiting your website. They will implement the latest techniques, technologies and help you to keep your site running smoothly and updated.

Most online ventures fail because they do not know what is necessary to keep a business website maintained. Don’t push your visitors away by making mistakes like the ones below:

  • Too much text. People are generally in a rush. Show them a page with to much text and they will leave. You should use just enough text to get your message across and no more. Avoid additional and useless information. Engage users only with authentic and essential text.
  • Slow loading sites not only look unprofessional but can hinder website ranking on search engines. People will not wait, they will simply move on. Consider hiring a web design firm that understands the process of image and code optimization.
  • Not viewable on mobile devices or not mobile friendly. Be sure to test your site on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. People prefer to use sites that can be easily available and can be accessed anywhere. Stay away from Flash. More than 50% of visitors will not be able to see anything in Flash.
  • An auto-playing welcoming video. This can be seriously boring and irritating if the same audio or video keeps playing repeatedly every time he/she comes back to your home page or when they reload. Always let the user select if they wish to interact. Never push anything on visitors.

Don’t limit your communication with visitors. Keep them intrigued. Small mistakes will destroy any chance you may have with turning a visitor into a client. Have your graphic design studio Los Angeles check your site and help you repair your chances of landing a new sale.

PX Media: One Stop Solution for All Your Website Endeavors!

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We are a full service Graphic and Website Design Company in Pasadena committed to provide creative designs, and excellent customer service at affordable prices. We initially started as a WordPress developer, creating and maintaining many WordPress websites. Today, we have a nice size clientele base. Consult with us for all services related to graphics and website design Pasadena.

Designing, Developing, Optimizing! We do it all!

If you are wondering how to find an appropriate ecommerce hosting solution, PX Media of website design Pasadena suggests WooCommerce. We are specialized in WooCommerce Development, building, content and optimizing your online e-commerce store. Mixed with a collection of aesthetic design, search engine optimization (SEO) and integrated services we provide the complete service, begining to end, to get your store up and running online. There’s nothing that influences an audience as much as simplicity in a creatively built web composition. We prioritize effectiveness of a minimalist UI design along with a well designed typeface. We tailor the grid system specially to your needs.

Selecting a design that is appropriate for you and your target base and also offer Search Engine Optimization for your website and online presence. This means that you are not only provided with a great looking site, but you’ll also obtain a site that will generate traffic.

We offer cost-cutting services!

If you have an interest in getting a website built, but you’er concerned about the costs, call or email us, we’ll discuss your budget and website needs with you. We were a start-up businessmen ourselves, we know the problems of getting the different parts of a new business up and functioning while maintain the expenses. We work with committed individuals who possess a great passion for their work and sense of purpose.

We being one of the most reliable Graphic Design Firms Los Angeles, offer all aspects of visual design, branding logos, print materials and much more. We are committed and specialized in helping you efficiently communicate to your desired audience and deliver your image and brand. Your interests form an integral part of our creative process to generate a visual connection to your clients.

Appreciation Matters and Counts!

Though it’s right that Website Maintenance and Web Design can be accomplished from anywhere and we service users from Pasadena, Los Angeles, California to San Diego, we like to work with the individuals and companies here in our own community. It provides us a great feeling of achievement when we can walk down the street and stop in to see a client and check in with them, or to see someone and have them say, “Thank you so much, the website looks great!” It makes our day!