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Improve The Visibility Of Your Website With Better Content Marketing

Content marketing can be a great way to increase the visibility of a website thereby leading to overall increase in the generated traffic. But producing high-quality content is easier said than done. You need to have a good grip on the subject and also you need to know how to write things down in compelling and powerful words. This is the reason why you need to opt for a professional Content Writing Company Los Angeles. They will help you produce SEO friendly and engaging content and in turn, will eventually help your website to drive more targeted traffic.

Traffic is increased in many ways including organic rankings and sales. Though to many people it may not appear to be as effective a strategy it is nevertheless one very important aspect of a business that cannot be ignored.

See the below list of few ways by which a website’s visibility can be greatly improved using the correct content marketing strategies:-

  1. Keeping the content updated and fresh: –One of the best ways to increase the incoming traffic and keeping the high rankings updated is to keep the feel and the content on the page fresh. This can be done in many ways. Not only the fresh content can be added but the existing content can be updated as well. Keep your content new by adding regularly.
  2. Keep the headlines relevant to the content and catchy: –It is believed that 70% of people who go online judge the content based on the headlines within 30- 40 seconds. This means that your content practically has the same amount of time to engage a potential customer. Therefore, it becomes important that not only your headline is catchy it is relevant to the content as well. Users will scan your headings first. If something doesn’t catch their eye it will never be read.
  3. Add relevant visual content: –The human brain is biologically wired to retain and process more images than text. Therefore, visual content should be added to the website to engage the customers. Visual optimization of content will also give the business an edge over others. The content should be SEO friendly for it to yield any results. And remember anything that moves will get immediate attention. Sliders, videos, animation always attracts attention first.
  4. Selecting the most effective keywords: –Keywords, without any doubt, play a very important role in the SEO rankings. But since the search engine algorithms are regularly tweaked, use of obvious keywords does not necessarily mean that the SEO rankings will increase. Use of different phrases for implying the same context can be used instead of using obvious keywords. Find out words that increase the ranking of your content and make the keywords that you want to target the focus of your content. Study your competitor’s sites.
  5. Make your content link- worthy: –Connecting your website to relevant links can ensure that your content has the ability to reach a wider audience. Relevant linking can help in increasing your search traffic also. The point is to link up with websites which have high authority but at the same time don’t ignore the ones with lower authority as even they contribute in some way to your traffic.


The aim of content marketing should be to keep the audience engaged but at the same time not lose the sight of SEO efforts of your website. An improvement in your search engine rankings would eventually mean more incoming traffic which you want to maintain along with keeping the audience hooked to your content. SEO should not be the only aim for content creation but it can guide you in the right direction.

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How To Boost Your Brand With Web Development Companies In Los Angeles

If your business is not yet leveraging the power of internet marketing you are missing out on a lot. According to a report by Internet World Stats there are over 3.6 billion internet users today. A similar report shows that digital interactions in 2015 generated retail sales to the tune of $2.2 trillion in 2015.


Better still, 71% of shoppers today believe they will get a better deal shopping online than in brick and mortar stores. All these numbers and many others highlight the importance of the internet as a business marketing tool.

Effective Web Design as a Marketing Tool

It all starts with a website and while there are millions of websites built daily Google says only 52% of these make any revenue. The days when all a business needed was a beautiful website to get traffic and convert to sales is long gone. Today Google webmaster guidelines are more stringent while Google algorithm updates necessitate the development of a new approach to online marketing.

If you already have a website and your business is still not benefiting from it, the problem is most likely in defective web design or development. Most business owners are in a rush to build online visibility and in the process they are duped into cheap web building services and ending up with platforms which can’t rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs).

There are many established web development companies in Los Angeles which you can rely on for professional web development and SEO solutions. Unlike fly-by-night or freelance web developers a good web designing company will seek to build a lasting relationship with your brand. The focus is not only on aesthetics but improving user experience which is a key ranking factor on Google SERPs.

Some of the elements of these effective web design and development services include:

  • Professional web design to help your brand stand out from the crowd.
  • User-friendly navigation scheme to allow users to find information required much faster.
  • Better page-load speeds turn away potential customers and this means lost business. A well designed website offers high page-load speeds to increase conversion.
  • Search engine Optimization (SEO) is the holy grail of online marketing and you can easily attract traffic and boost ranking through a well-designed website.
  • Web compatibility is an essential part of effective web-design hence the need to have a professional web developer working on your site. A good web design is compatible on all browsers and platforms.

Web development companies in Los Angeles also focus on responsive we design, aesthetics, fast and reliable hosting, content management and much more.

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Why Do I Need A Mobile Friendly Website And The Steps To Take?

Traditionally, people have been accessing websites through laptop and desktop computers, but that is changing thanks to the wide range of portable devices including tablets and smart phones that can connect to the internet. This means an increasing number of your prospects and customers are interacting with your website through mobile gadgets on the go.

The consequence of this is that websites that are not user friendly and mobile friendly tend to lose a lot of traffic. As a matter of fact, some businesses have reportedly lost some significant margin on their bottom line and unless things change, this is bound to be the trend into the future.

Understanding a Mobile Friendly Website

Simply stated, mobile friendly websites refer to sites that are specially designed to accommodate smaller screens such as those on Android smart phones or iPhones without losing the quality of the content.

Initially, websites were designed for standard desktops and this meant a lot of pinching and squeezing when accessing the same on mobile gadgets. Mobile optimized websites have the following advantages for mobile users.

  • Text that is larger and much easier to read
  • Navigation that is mobile friendly
  • Touch friendly page elements and buttons
  • Faster download speeds

In the age we are in where traffic is more conscious and detests delays, it is imperative that website owners do all they can to make their sites mobile-friendly. If your site takes longer to load, traffic will quickly move to your next-door competitor and probably make a purchase there.

If search visibility, lead generation, user experience, and brand identity are important indicators to you, then having a mobile-friendly website designed for you by the best SEO in Los Angeles can be a game changer.

What it Takes to Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

The first step is to test whether your website displays well on mobile devices and you can do this through Google’s mobile-friendly test. Once you establish your website needs some working to bring it up to speed with mobile optimization, you can take any of the following three steps.

Creating a Mobile Version of Your Site

This is the quickest way of enhancing the mobile-friendliness of your website. However, it means you will have two separate sites; one for desktop and the other one for mobile. Managing two different sites can be hectic and may lead to users getting frustrated especially where they find less information or content on one as compared to the other.

Also all SEO errors would need to be duplicated and all mobile pages would need to be different than the desktop version.

Using Mobile Plugins

Some content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress have solutions through plugins that can make your current website mobile friendly. For instance, WordPress has mobile plugins such as JetPack and WPtouch; Joomla has plugins such as JoomlaShine and Responsivizer while Drupal comes with MobileTheme and ThemeKey.

These do not work to the same degree as your actual site coded as responsive. Adding plugins can slow your site down and cause conflicts with other code on your site.

Mobile-First Responsive Design

Inasmuch as the above solutions are useful in the short term, the real deal is in redesigning your site using responsive web design practices. This includes planning your site and prioritizing the arrangement of content so that both mobile and desktop users can find utility when accessing it.

Through responsive design, your website can conform to virtually any screen size or device and this brings flexibility to your traffic. It is totally up to you in decoding the approach you want to take, but the bottom line is your traffic will not take it kindly if your website is not mobile friendly.

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5 Web Design Predictions For 2017


Every year experts try to make predictions in the field of design, that more often than not do not come true. But we really cannot blame anyone, can we? For the simple reason that we cannot actually look into the future, we can simply guess what is going to happen. But here are 5 web design predictions for this year, which probably will come true though over time, will tell you what actually happens later when we get there. It’s expected from a professional Website Development Company Los Angeles to keep clients updated with the latest web design trends and the reason why it makes sense that all web design companies should be aware of the upcoming upheavals in the industry for 2017 –

1.Contrary to popular beliefs, Virtual Reality will not be as big as it has been predicted to be in 2017. Although the experience of Virtual Reality is incomparable, the future of VR does not seem to be very bright this year. The problem is not with the technology, but with us. Virtual Reality is a ritual on its own and till the time Virtual Reality becomes an extremely user- friendly and more affordable to the point it requires no human effort, it will stay a step behind in the world of technology.

  1. Security will see a massive change this year; however, passwords are set to become obsolete. Passwords are a problem as we are not programmed to remember long chains of random characters. Therefore security measure which includes email logins through various websites or through your social media that have become more common. As we become more and more dependent on mobile devices and leave the desktops behind, more simple yet effective security solutions will rule the year in 2017.
  1. This year we should be prepared to witness the change in online advertising and the transformation of website trends. The content on a single webpage would be accessible in isolation on a single screen, just like we can browse the content on multiple tabs. This may begin with apps but eventually, they will evolve into browser apps. This will cause the slow elimination of the advertisement funded web model which impacts the content on the web in a negative way.
  1. There will be an emphasis on a design like never before. Till now, the aesthetic aspect of web design has been relatively untouched or not thought about. But we are set to see a shift in this mindset. Communication channels have been broadened by the designers. An illustration will be in great demand this year. The vision of each designer is one of a kind and that will be beautifully presented via the web design. The web pages will be more and more colorful as well as more responsive. This will make the web even more enjoyable and more appealing to human eyes that use multiple devices to view the web.
  1. Virtual Experience which is more commonly known as VX is set to become the new star in the web design industry. The year 2017 will see a lot of people using this term in their portfolios, there is virtually no meaning that can be associated with the term VX designers. Probably by the end of this year, the term VX will become the future trendsetter for the year 2018.


Must Have Features of Every Small Business Website

A strong online presence is a must for any businesses, irrespective of their size. Customers of today wish to evaluate the business and each and every product or service that is available; it is your responsibility to make sure you cater to every whim and wish of your customers in the easiest possible manner.

Almost every business has a website today; but not all of them have the kind of visibility or traffic they wish to achieve. It all depends on how you design your website and optimize it so as to generate leads on an everyday basis. Here are a few must-have features you should be sure to include on your business website:

Header Content:

  • Easy Domain name: Make sure your domain name is simple and easy to remember, while representing your business in the best way possible. It is also the number one keyword so, beside to select one that works for your industry.
  • Logo: Logo is often the face of your business. Simple is always better. Be sure it’s readable from a distance and with different color backgrounds.
  • Tag-Line: Many businesses often miss out on taglines. However, it is very important to add a tagline just below your logo which represents what your business does, in a very catchy manner.
  • Phone number: Without a phone number your business may not look genuine enough to your customers. Although the option of email is available it is always better to mention your phone number clearly on your website. Full contact info gives a sense of authenticity.
  • Call-to-action: This is the one that your customers will click to take the action you desire. This could be registering for an account, submitting their email address or buying your product or service. It needs to be clearly visible and recognizable enough for your visitors. Also make sure there aren’t too many of these. Each page should likely have only one call-to-action button, two if the page has large amounts of content.
  • Main Menu Navigation: Every website needs to have a main menu that is easy and clear to read and understand. The easier you make this, the simpler it will be for your user to navigate. This is one feature that not only enhances the user experience but can also improve the ranking of your website on Google. Be sure to check it on many browsers and devices.
  • Bread-crumb navigation: Bread-crumb navigation should be just below your top navigation menu it can help the user in getting to know his location on your website and is also great for SEO.

Above the Fold Content:

  • Slider or image: Having a slider or an image that highlights the most distinguishing part of your business is key to first impressions. This could be the main headline of your business. It’s the first thing a visitor will see, make it count.
  • Contact business information: This part will contain the most important piece of information about your business that you want to give to your customers. This is how your customers will find your place of business.
  • Testimonials & Reviews: Video testimonials or reviews may make it more interesting for your visitors and this can also help in increasing conversions

Below-the-Fold Content:

  • Main Features: This section would contain your products / services that you actually want to sell
  • Quality Content: This is the content that you will write for your users and the search engines. This will contain the unique points of your business and how it will benefit the users
  • Internal Links: This section should contain important links to the inner pages of your website

Footer Content:

  • Contact Information: This section will contain the address, telephone number and email ID of your business for your customers to contact you
  • Business Hours: The exact working hours of your store should be mentioned here. In case people would wish to contact customer support, it is important to mention the timings during which your support team will be available
  • Social Media Buttons: These are the buttons that will take your customers to your social media pages as in your Facebook page, YouTube Page, Google Plus Page and/or your Twitter Page.
  • Online Chat Features: In case you have an online chat feature enabled, you can mention the link here for customers to join you on online chat. This will help them clear their queries immediately and expedite your conversions.
  • Newsletter Sign-up form: This is where your visitors or customers will enter their email ID to subscribe
  • Footer Navigation: This will have all the links to the different pages of your website so that your customers can get to important areas of your site without the need of scrolling back to the top of the site.

Inner Pages:

  • Contact Us Page: This is one of your most important inner pages through which you can generate leads to your business. Also, this is the medium you offer for the customers to engage with you. It should ideally include a contact form and a captcha, which is an anti-spam feature
  • Personalized about us page: This will talk about your business, when it started, who started, what you do, your mission, your vision and your objectives.
  • Privacy Policy page: This is also one of the most important things that you need to include in your business website. This will help your customers be assured that their personal data will be safe on your website
  • FAQ Page: This page will have answers to a few common questions that will haunt the minds of your customers about your business. This will instantly clear most of the queries and improve your conversions
  • Blog Page: Every business should have a blog that gives information to the customers and to interact with its customers. This should ideally have a search feature, comment features, social media sharing buttons and a side bar that will show your popular blogs. One of the most important pages on a site for SEO.

The various other things you need to focus on are to include clear readable fonts and easily recognizable links and to make sure your website is mobile responsive. Do not include flash items or background audio on your website as this can decrease the speed of your website. It is better not to include self hosted videos and instead use YouTube links or the power of Vimeo. In order to make sure your website is search engine optimized make sure your website is cross-browser compatible and well-integrated with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.


How to Promote Your Business Prior to Launching Your Website

Competition is so tough these days that marketers are not even waiting for the website to go live before starting their marketing push.


We simply can’t blame the marketers given the fact that it takes a really long time to design and develop a viable website. Most important is to have a good plan, and then do some wire framing, making changes to the template, editing the code files and so on. It is a time consuming process.

So, what are you going to do? Nobody likes the idea of paying online marketers for doing nothing till the website goes live. Believe us, you don’t have to. There is something you can do to promote your business online even if the website is not ready. Just design and develop a Coming Soon page for your website.

Coming Soon page is far better than featuring a blank page or a generic template developed by your web hosting company. The good thing about this Coming Soon Page is that it does not take long time to design or develop. The idea behind this is very simple – creating a buzz for the brand. The purpose of a Coming Soon Page is to give the users a good idea as to what to expect when the final version of the website goes live. It encourages the audience to interact with your brand and to become a subscriber just to get to know what the website has in store for them.

Some websites use Coming Soon Page to encourage people to be a part of its beta program but in majority of cases, companies add a ‘Subscribe’ form so that people can be notified when the final version of the website gets launched.

Now, there are few factors that you need to take into consideration before you start designing a Coming Soon Page for your website. Allow us to explain them to you:

Focus On Brand

Since your website is in development stage, we can assume that you have some elements of the design ready or at least have already agreed upon. For example, if the logo is ready or if the designer has selected a color scheme for the final design, you can start building something around it. Use the color scheme, logo or the font type while creating the Coming Soon Page. This will help you make people familiar with the brand. When the final version will go live, this familiarity will help people relate the new design with the design of the Coming Soon Page. This will give your marketing campaign a great start.


You want people to talk about your brand right? Of course but getting people to talk about your brand can be a difficult thing to achieve. However, this is not an impossible feat by any means. You just need to add some elements of curiosity in the design of the Coming Soon Page that will make people think about it or at least talk about it. For example, if you are trying to sell a new washing machine via your website, a call-to-action like this – ‘Tired of washing clothes? We have Something Revolutionary for You. Sign up to get notified.’ A simple and intriguing message like this is enough to make people feel curious about your brand. Be sure its big and bold with an obvious button to click on.

Give Them Some Hints

When people land on the Coming Soon Page, you need to give them some sort of hints about the upcoming product or the project. Just using a gorgeous background image with some random texts like – ‘This is a Coming Soon Page’ is not going to help the people understand what the page is all about. Why should they care about a page that does not give any information about the upcoming website? They will simply ignore it. You should not let this happen. However, we are not asking you to spill the beans but you need to give them some sort of information otherwise they might not feel interested about the Coming Soon Page. Like for example, if you are launching a new book, you might consider adding some paras of it to generate interest of the people. Its all about first impressions and perception. Give them something to think about like a thoughtful tag-line.

Keep Them Updated

People will not be visiting the Coming Soon Page every day and that means, you need to add a Subscribe call-to-action that will allow people to get updates about the product or the website. However, there is no fixed rule as to how many times you need to send emails to keep them updated. Maybe sending one or two emails before the final version of the website gets live is a good idea. Don’t push it too hard. Just keep it simple.

Don’t Forget the SEO

It is a fact that Coming Soon Pages are not likely to rank high as they don’t contain much information. But that should not stop you from making the it a bit search engine friendly. Make sure that you have included Meta data and the also make sure that you have not blocked anything via the robots.txt file. Don’t stuff too many keywords in the page because search engines would consider that an attempt to inflate the ranking of the website artificially and therefore, it can get penalized.

Plan your Plan and remember these aspects of a Coming Soon Page design. Good-luck with your new website.


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