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Using Different Versions Of Your Keyword Will Increase Your Website Ranking

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It can’t be stressed enough that great SEO practice is essential to establishing a strong online presence. For businesses and other creatives, being found on the Internet generally leads to potential leads and sales opportunity. To that end, many individuals conduct keyword research to find the best keywords to implement in their content strategy.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough to secure a high ranking on most search engines. Granted, placing keywords in the right places leads to increased ROI, but using different versions of these keywords can heighten your website ranking. We have proof that different keyword versions can drastically improve your ranking, so keep reading on to figure out how.

Search Engines Value Variety. Get with the Program

To understand the core principles of SEO and begin using keywords that boost your website ranking, you must first understand that search engines reward websites that use high ranking keywords in different ways. The concept of this tactic is fairly simple, especially if you assume the role of potential customers. Let’s say you are searching for the best ice cream in Los Angeles.

There are a variety of keywords you can type in a search engine to find the best results. You could use keywords such as, “best ice cream in Los Angeles”, “Los Angeles best ice cream parlor”, or “ice cream Los Angeles”.

Billions of people use the Internet every day, and use different search terms to usually find a particular business or item. Therefore, your website’s ranking entirely depends on your keyword’s flexibility. In other words, search engines value variety, so you should get with the program in order to boost your website ranking.

The Results Speak for Itself

Using different versions of your keywords is a proven method of increasing your website ranking, and we have the data to prove it. We have attached the ranking statistics for our own website to give you a gist of how different keyword variations can affect your ranking.

If you simply take a look at the bottom of the graph, you can see some of our different keyword variations that best describes PX Media. One of our main keywords is “website design in pasadena”. As you can see, we used different versions of this keyword. This has resulted in a 22.9 percent increase in our visibility trend, which is largely ahead of our competitors.

These results have translated well to Google’s search rankings, where our ranking supersedes that of our competitors. After doing a quick Google search of our main keyword, “website design in Pasadena”, it’s no surprise that PX Media is ranked well above the top.

Interestingly, after doing a Google search on the keyword, “Pasadena web design”, our ranking was just as high as the primary keyword.

Essentially, different keyword variations accommodate Internet users who use different search terms to find a particular service. If you do your research and find alternative keywords to place on your website, your ranking will steadily increase above your competitors. That actually brings us to our next point.

Are You Doing Your Keyword Research Correctly?

Traditional keyword research is a common practice among businesses and individuals who care about their website ranking, but is it enough? Also, are you doing your keyword research correctly? Searching for the top keyword in your industry is a sufficient method of increasing your website ranking, but it does not ensure that your website will jump to the front page of search engines.

Considering that people generally don’t use the same keywords in search results, your keyword research should revolve around terms that are closely related to your primary keywords. Researching high ranking keywords that are similar to one another and using them in your website’s content gives your website more organic exposure in regards to SEO.

Though, with thousands of keyword varieties to choose from, it can be a daunting task choosing keyword variations that actually convert results. If finding the right, high-converting keywords is too difficult for you, don’t hesitate to choose our SEO services to increase your website ranking and see immediate results.

Try to Understand What Keywords Visitors Prefer and Why

Obtaining success using keywords is an intricate task, regardless of any method you employ. In this particular case, using different keywords increases your chance of ranking high on search engines. Nonetheless, when you receive data that pertains to your keyword usage, your success wholly depends on how you interpret it in relation to your competitors. In other words, you have to understand what keywords your visitors prefer and why.

Finding out why your visitors prefer a specific keyword variation is the key to your SEO efforts. You can usually find which keywords your visitors prefer by doing a quick check of your rankings overview and seeing the most high-ranking keywords on your website. After doing this search, experiment with your keywords and try to understand why your keywords use these terms to identify your business. Once you grasp this concept, it will become much easier determining your own effective SEO strategy.

Furthermore, it’s often best to experiment with different keyword variations and see what your data looks like. Make sure to compare this data to your competitors. After all, you are essentially fighting for ranking and online presence. In the graph above, PX Media ranks ahead of its competitors using the same keywords. After you do your research and find the right keywords to use, make it your goal to surpass your competitor’s ranking.

Overall, using different versions of your keywords will improve your ranking on major search engines. All in all, this success depends on your research and interpretation of your data. Using our own website ranking statistics as proof, you too can benefit from the use of similar keywords. All it takes is extensive research and a committed SEO approach.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you improve your website ranking, please contact us today to speak to one of our specialists about your SEO project.

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5 Web Design Predictions For 2017

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Every year experts try to make predictions in the field of design, that more often than not do not come true. But we really cannot blame anyone, can we? For the simple reason that we cannot actually look into the future, we can simply guess what is going to happen. But here are 5 web design predictions for this year, which probably will come true though over time, will tell you what actually happens later when we get there. It’s expected from a professional Website Development Company Los Angeles to keep clients updated with the latest web design trends and the reason why it makes sense that all web design companies should be aware of the upcoming upheavals in the industry for 2017 –

1.Contrary to popular beliefs, Virtual Reality will not be as big as it has been predicted to be in 2017. Although the experience of Virtual Reality is incomparable, the future of VR does not seem to be very bright this year. The problem is not with the technology, but with us. Virtual Reality is a ritual on its own and till the time Virtual Reality becomes an extremely user- friendly and more affordable to the point it requires no human effort, it will stay a step behind in the world of technology.

  1. Security will see a massive change this year; however, passwords are set to become obsolete. Passwords are a problem as we are not programmed to remember long chains of random characters. Therefore security measure which includes email logins through various websites or through your social media that have become more common. As we become more and more dependent on mobile devices and leave the desktops behind, more simple yet effective security solutions will rule the year in 2017.
  1. This year we should be prepared to witness the change in online advertising and the transformation of website trends. The content on a single webpage would be accessible in isolation on a single screen, just like we can browse the content on multiple tabs. This may begin with apps but eventually, they will evolve into browser apps. This will cause the slow elimination of the advertisement funded web model which impacts the content on the web in a negative way.
  1. There will be an emphasis on a design like never before. Till now, the aesthetic aspect of web design has been relatively untouched or not thought about. But we are set to see a shift in this mindset. Communication channels have been broadened by the designers. An illustration will be in great demand this year. The vision of each designer is one of a kind and that will be beautifully presented via the web design. The web pages will be more and more colorful as well as more responsive. This will make the web even more enjoyable and more appealing to human eyes that use multiple devices to view the web.
  1. Virtual Experience which is more commonly known as VX is set to become the new star in the web design industry. The year 2017 will see a lot of people using this term in their portfolios, there is virtually no meaning that can be associated with the term VX designers. Probably by the end of this year, the term VX will become the future trendsetter for the year 2018.

5 Web Design Do’s and Don’ts

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For most web designers, designing a website which practically commands user responsiveness or gaining experience is the primary goal. But it turns out, that having good web design etiquette is equally important as garnering all professional success.

So read on to know about some do’s and don’ts of web design etiquettes.

One of the most important things is to grow up. Yes you read it right. We often hear about things which are much desired but less achieved like workplace equality, gender equality etc. It is now time to ditch that sense of entitlement and be nice to people. As futile as it may seem to many, being nice to people means that it is going to come back to you as well. Hmm, what do you call it, Karma?!

Communicate = listen 

Be open to communication. It is very important to be vocal about things that you read and write on the web. For example, if you have a question that you posted on the web and have got the answer to it, make sure that you leave the answer for other people to read as well. There’s nothing worse than researching a problem and all you find is the question and then a thank you. Don’t forget to compliment the author if you’ve read something you like, a good blog post for example. You may never know, but a few words of appreciation may mean a lot to someone.

Know Thy Customers 

Know your brand as well as your audience. Before embarking on your new design adventure, know the product that you will be designing for as what you make will help increasing the profitability. Keep the content simple but don’t underestimate the IQ of your audience. Although the audience want’s an easy to use interface, they don’t appreciate boring subject matter. Therefore keep the design accessible, responsive as well engaging. Format copy so its scalable, with bold headings. They should be able to read just the headings and get a good idea of the content direction.

Get Organized 

Be organized. Yes, it does not get any simpler than this. Keep your files organized in case you have to come back to the project after sometime. if you’re the lead on a project or key player of the team, being organized is crucial. It doesn’t take much time to keep things in order and it reflects greatly on your personality and work ethic.

Be Consistent 

It pays to be consistent. Not just figuratively. Set your goals and chart out the process you want to follow to accomplish them. During the process, share knowledge and gain experiences as much as you can. This is not only applicable to your journey as an individual, but also is applicable when you are working or leading a team. It’s good to exchange ideas and suggestion with your teammates. Tell the story in a way which appeals to the users.

Don’t Assume Anything 

Never assume. The rule of thumb that can be easily be applied to all arenas of life not only web designing. Never let condescension travel across through your words or tone of your voice. All human beings are highly receptive and aware of condescension even when unintentionally said. So be very careful and weigh-out your words before you speak. Don’t assume the person has the experience that you do. As we say, “speak laymen.” It may take longer to make your point but you will not need to repeat it.

And last but not the least, be gracious. Whether it’s accolades or criticism that is coming your way be gracious while accepting either of the two. A designer should never let ego or any personal differences come in the way of a successful end product. The common objective of a design team should be to mutually understand and gather ideas from each other while keeping the user/client in mind. In this way, all team members can help each other in growing and moving forward. The feedback from the user should be taken to improve upon the design idea.