5 Web Design Predictions For 2017

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Every year experts try to make predictions in the field of design, that more often than not do not come true. But we really cannot blame anyone, can we? For the simple reason that we cannot actually look into the future, we can simply guess what is going to happen. But here are 5 web design predictions for this year, which probably will come true though over time, will tell you what actually happens later when we get there. It’s expected from a professional Website Development Company Los Angeles to keep clients updated with the latest web design trends and the reason why it makes sense that all web design companies should be aware of the upcoming upheavals in the industry for 2017 –

1.Contrary to popular beliefs, Virtual Reality will not be as big as it has been predicted to be in 2017. Although the experience of Virtual Reality is incomparable, the future of VR does not seem to be very bright this year. The problem is not with the technology, but with us. Virtual Reality is a ritual on its own and till the time Virtual Reality becomes an extremely user- friendly and more affordable to the point it requires no human effort, it will stay a step behind in the world of technology.

  1. Security will see a massive change this year; however, passwords are set to become obsolete. Passwords are a problem as we are not programmed to remember long chains of random characters. Therefore security measure which includes email logins through various websites or through your social media that have become more common. As we become more and more dependent on mobile devices and leave the desktops behind, more simple yet effective security solutions will rule the year in 2017.
  1. This year we should be prepared to witness the change in online advertising and the transformation of website trends. The content on a single webpage would be accessible in isolation on a single screen, just like we can browse the content on multiple tabs. This may begin with apps but eventually, they will evolve into browser apps. This will cause the slow elimination of the advertisement funded web model which impacts the content on the web in a negative way.
  1. There will be an emphasis on a design like never before. Till now, the aesthetic aspect of web design has been relatively untouched or not thought about. But we are set to see a shift in this mindset. Communication channels have been broadened by the designers. An illustration will be in great demand this year. The vision of each designer is one of a kind and that will be beautifully presented via the web design. The web pages will be more and more colorful as well as more responsive. This will make the web even more enjoyable and more appealing to human eyes that use multiple devices to view the web.
  1. Virtual Experience which is more commonly known as VX is set to become the new star in the web design industry. The year 2017 will see a lot of people using this term in their portfolios, there is virtually no meaning that can be associated with the term VX designers. Probably by the end of this year, the term VX will become the future trendsetter for the year 2018.

5 Web Design Do’s and Don’ts

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For most web designers, designing a website which practically commands user responsiveness or gaining experience is the primary goal. But it turns out, that having good web design etiquette is equally important as garnering all professional success.

So read on to know about some do’s and don’ts of web design etiquettes.

One of the most important things is to grow up. Yes you read it right. We often hear about things which are much desired but less achieved like workplace equality, gender equality etc. It is now time to ditch that sense of entitlement and be nice to people. As futile as it may seem to many, being nice to people means that it is going to come back to you as well. Hmm, what do you call it, Karma?!

Communicate = listen 

Be open to communication. It is very important to be vocal about things that you read and write on the web. For example, if you have a question that you posted on the web and have got the answer to it, make sure that you leave the answer for other people to read as well. There’s nothing worse than researching a problem and all you find is the question and then a thank you. Don’t forget to compliment the author if you’ve read something you like, a good blog post for example. You may never know, but a few words of appreciation may mean a lot to someone.

Know Thy Customers 

Know your brand as well as your audience. Before embarking on your new design adventure, know the product that you will be designing for as what you make will help increasing the profitability. Keep the content simple but don’t underestimate the IQ of your audience. Although the audience want’s an easy to use interface, they don’t appreciate boring subject matter. Therefore keep the design accessible, responsive as well engaging. Format copy so its scalable, with bold headings. They should be able to read just the headings and get a good idea of the content direction.

Get Organized 

Be organized. Yes, it does not get any simpler than this. Keep your files organized in case you have to come back to the project after sometime. if you’re the lead on a project or key player of the team, being organized is crucial. It doesn’t take much time to keep things in order and it reflects greatly on your personality and work ethic.

Be Consistent 

It pays to be consistent. Not just figuratively. Set your goals and chart out the process you want to follow to accomplish them. During the process, share knowledge and gain experiences as much as you can. This is not only applicable to your journey as an individual, but also is applicable when you are working or leading a team. It’s good to exchange ideas and suggestion with your teammates. Tell the story in a way which appeals to the users.

Don’t Assume Anything 

Never assume. The rule of thumb that can be easily be applied to all arenas of life not only web designing. Never let condescension travel across through your words or tone of your voice. All human beings are highly receptive and aware of condescension even when unintentionally said. So be very careful and weigh-out your words before you speak. Don’t assume the person has the experience that you do. As we say, “speak laymen.” It may take longer to make your point but you will not need to repeat it.

And last but not the least, be gracious. Whether it’s accolades or criticism that is coming your way be gracious while accepting either of the two. A designer should never let ego or any personal differences come in the way of a successful end product. The common objective of a design team should be to mutually understand and gather ideas from each other while keeping the user/client in mind. In this way, all team members can help each other in growing and moving forward. The feedback from the user should be taken to improve upon the design idea.

How Page Speed Impacts Your SEO and What You Can Do About It

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Every detail counts for those concerned about how their web site ranks in searches. Since 2010, web page speed has been included in the Google ranking algorithms, and thusly added to the list of details to be concerned about. According to Google, their algorithm takes into consideration a slow page load time. Longer page load times slow down the internet as a whole. These slower pages also take longer for page crawling on Google’s end. Google also weighs load speed in an effort to focus on rewarding quality user experiences. To make matters worse, competitor websites that load faster are bound to also rank higher as a result. When it comes to user experience, longer load times mean impatient users leave the web page as opposed to sit and wait. In fact a reported 57% of your website visitors will leave the page when load time exceeds 3 seconds.

Take Google’s page speed test here and see where you stand.

While it’s not one hundred percent clear just how heavily load times weigh into Google’s algorithm, it’s one hundred percent certain that slow loading times can hurt your ranking. Let’s not forget though that the same goes for mobile as well, since mobile devices are now driving an estimated 56% of global traffic. Not to worry though, there are steps you can take to increase your page load speed.

Optimize Your Code

Cluttered and inefficient code can be a major contributor to a web page’s slow speed. Streamline and optimize your code by removing any unnecessary characters, spaces, or commas to reduce file size. Use various compressors on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to make them more efficient. The industry terms here are none others than “Minification & Concatenation or joining together.” The actual process for minification is the removal of all line breaks, whitespace and comments. Concatenation is the process of taking similar files and joining them together as one. Too many JavaScript files will equate to a low page speed. By combining some of them you’ll see your score go up dramatically. In most cases this process requires years of experience. So when it comes to speed, optimize your code to make your web page a lean, mean, internet machine. Or simply, reach out to us today.

Downsize Your images

High definition images consume tons of bandwidth and really slow down your page loading time. Make sure the images on your web page are no larger than they need be. In fact, just never upload images directly from your camera. Every single file must be processed down to 72DPI. Use JPG or PNG formatting for logos. If you go down that route, you effectively solve two distinct problems. First it allows transparency which is a must if you want your website looking its best. Transparency can give the illusion that it’s floating or see through, while it’s not mixing up with other graphics. Years ago we used transparent GIFs but the low quality (only 256 colors) was not very attractive. A PNG file is full color, capable of more than 6 million colors. (Same as a JPG) but at a cost. A PNG is very large in megabytes. Never use a PNG unless you need the transparency. Compress large HD images in PNG format to keep the quality of the image and downsize their weight.

Add a CDN

A (CDN) or Content Delivery Network makes a copy of your site files and stores them in servers located around the world. It can add a 20% – 30% delivery increase in speed to your viewers. Many CDN services also provide a layer of security that will keep out unwanted hackers. They provide daily reports on logins and can even auto backup your site. If something goes wrong you could be back up and running in less than a few hours. Its one of the easiest way to speed up your site for a low cost starting around $25 a month.

Secure Your Site

A secure site is crucial to the success of your page. Google algorithm favors Transport Layer Security (TLS) in its ranking, the catch being that this web security protocol can add more complexity to your site and affect load speed. You can probably relate more to SSL or HTTPS since these are the terms that relate to actual use. You can seek out the help of a web security professional to ensure your site is secure without sacrificing load speed.

  • Using proven security services implemented by our team, helps safeguard your web assets against intruders and also gives you a much desirable speed boost. In the Age of Limited Attention Spans, speed is the name of the game.

Check your theme

Choose a theme that is optimized for page speed. There are many themes that are beautiful but that beauty can come at a cost if not designed with speed in mind. Many WordPress themes include so many extra features that it critically affects page speed. There are many themes that are beautifully designed and built for speed. If you are considering multiple themes, minimal designs are typically faster.

Get a Better Host

Among other things, server-side compression is an extremely important process for website speed. The actual test title on Google page speed is “Reduce server response time.” Fast host and implementing a quality CDN solves this. It’s no doubt that cheap web hosting can help save you money, but what you save in the beginning may end up costing you in the long run. When it comes to web hosting you definitely get what you pay for. Be sure that you pick the fastest host you can comfortably afford. You’ll be surprised how much a quality web host will improve your page speed.

In the battle for search ranking no detail can go unnoticed.

There are many steps you can take to ensure your website loads at optimal speeds and gains favorable ranking points from Google. Some solutions may be a bit more technical and others simple, but they’re all worth the time and effort to avoid being penalized by Google’s algorithm.

For impeccable coding that always does the trick, contact our team of experts  today and let us bring your idea to fruition while ensuring solid results from the get go.

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A guide to Starting an Internet Business – Part I

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Do I know my Industry? How is my business Different? Am I ready for the web? – A guide to Starting an Internet Business, Part I

Have you thought about starting a web based business?

More than likely we all have at some point of time. Many dream about an idea that could become reality. As time passes most dreams are forgotten of we simply just give up. The few that stick it out and but their all into it are the only ones that have the potential to end up with a successful business. Without the proper strategy and education, very few will ever succeed in making it big.

Rewards of owning a startup business:

  • You’re the owner, It’s your idea and you’re in complete control of the entire process.
  • You are free to do what you want, how you want and when you want.
  • Let’s not forget one of the most important reasons you started this in the first place, you get the lions share of the profit.

It’s a very exciting time when building a startup

Many people (Myself included) can experience a dramatic effect in the beginning phase of a startup. Coming up with something that is different or better than something that already exists, or even a totally new idea that no one has ever thought of. Many of don’t have the funds to just drop everything and devote 100% of our time to something untried and tested. It can be a huge risk and detrimental to your life and the life of your family. Take your time, Do your research, think everything out. Plan your plan, and work your plan.

Don’t quite your job yet, better to get all your research done and if possible start while you’re still at your current job. This way you always have something to fall back upon should things not go as expected. Once you gain the expertise, get the required talent, plan the vision, and start making money you can quit your job when you see the process and longevity is going smoothly.

Here is the first of the five articles on how to get started:

Let’s get started, Part 1

Try and follow,

A lady named Amber and her partner Art came up with this interesting idea to start a business. Both had regular jobs one in the movie industry and the other was in web design. Both had more than 10 years of experience in said industry. Both had always wanted to build a profitable business that would later allow them to quit their jobs and live off the new startup profit.


A start up that is unique is much easier to gain interest than just copying what others
 have already done.

The interesting idea had to do with manufacturing and selling their own brand of 3D Glasses. Both had experience in the industry but not in this particular nitch. They spent the first year researching everything from all the different types of technology, how they were made, who was already selling them and what would be involved in manufacturing their own designs. The concept seemed doable until they found out that tooling and first runs would cost around $75,000. They tried everything from loans from the bank, friends, and family. The most they could scrummage up was $10,000.

They knew there was another way but how? They put together a business plan, hired a business lawyer and started to think about funding in a different manner. Partners?

Through their research they found a company that had everything needed to manufacture these glasses and all that was needed to do was have lenses made to fit the existing frames. This company was already manufacturing and selling all over the world. More research was needed to try out this idea. Samples were created and tested. Art had a manufacturing background so it helped quite a bit when researching a company to make the lenses. In the end the partner pulled out at the last minute. An industry that had never really been done on a retail level in the U.S.A. was just to much to take a chance on.

Not understanding the full circle of how the industry worked ended up killing the idea almost from the beginning.

When you fall off your horse don’t give up. Get back on.

Amber and Art did just that. They decided why reinvent the wheel. There are a few other companies around the world that already manufacture 3D glasses. Why not just buy wholesale and resell high quality glasses that are already to go. All the work was done and some of these companies were already making a good profit in other countries. They ended up making deals with 6 companies and were backed by Real D, the licensing company for all the product lines they were to sell.

If they had started going in this direction from the begging they could have started almost 1 1/2 years earlier.

Nothing is more beneficial than experience to start your own business

Consider your skills and experience, if you want to start something on your own. You need to be sure that you completely understand the full scope of your business before you jump in to your start up. Having a professional background in the industry will bring less stress, more insight and a shorter start up time.

A few things learned and ideas for your startup.

A Unique idea is always better. Product or service it will make it easier for people to pay attention.

To excel in a new business, you’ll need to think of a unique idea or an improvement on an existing one that no one has thought about before. Starting a business that already exists in the market would mean having many competitors to deal with. So, be sure that your delivery is different. Profitability in the first or second year is tough,even to survive in the market unless you have something unique that makes you stand apart from your competitors. A few things that you’ll need to keep in mind are:

  • Don’t compete head to head against larger competitors that have already established a strong following in the niche that you are targeting: For instance, if you want to start a stock photo site, photographers won’t be submitting to your site if you have absolutely no traffic. Also, marketing to your target audience would be difficult if your photo library isn’t sufficient and caters to their needs. You will need a substantial catalog to compete with all the other stock photo sites.
  • Planning to dominate the market? If this is your goal, you will need a bankroll of cash and excellent marketing skills. You may have a great idea, technical knowledge and the capabilities but it will be an uphill battle that could eat up your entire nest egg. Even if your product in superior to your closes competitor it could take years or worse your livelihood to try and come close or even make a profit.

Better and easier to find a market that isn’t already saturated in the niche you’re looking to target. Investigate thoroughly the market and build a sound business and marketing plan. Adjust your goals and direction as needed until you have a viable solution to getting to profit.

This is the first of a five-part series about your online startup business. Don’t forget to follow each of the next articles:

  • Marketing, Marketing & Marketing. Did we say marketing? – Starting Your Internet Business, Part 2
  • Not a Developer or lacking in another important role? The Art of Hiring a Partner – Starting Your Internet Business, with a partner Part 3
  • Remote Team Management #101 – Starting Your Internet Business, Part 4
  • The Wrong Way: Lessons in Getting It Wrong (and Maybe Why You Should Try It, Too) – Starting Your Internet Business, Part 5

Finding a Los Angeles Web Designer

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As a small business owner, you are well aware of the fact that without having a robust presence online, your business is not going to make it very far. Since most of us have no coding knowledge, it’s next to impossible for a new startup business owner to design and develop a website from the scratch. So, you will be more than likely be searching for a web designer who can help you design a website and help launch a successful business.

But selecting a website design company Los Angeles is easier said than done. Since a number of website design companies are operating in and around Los Angeles that means, narrowing down this extensive list will take some. And if you are not careful, you might end up hiring the wrong one.

So, it’s important to figure out whether the web developer that you are planning to hire would be able to meet the requirements. For example, if you are planning to launch an ecommerce store, you need to ask him whether he/she is good at PHP, payment gateway integration etc. Here are some tips that might help in your quest to find the best web designer in Los Angeles –

Do Your Research

You may not be a master of website technologies, and you are not supposed to be as you are hiring a developer! But you must have a basic idea of web development lingo to attain you desired goal of making a website. Don’t worry if you don’t know beans about web development because a lot of useful articles and tutorial on web development is available on the web that will help you increase your knowledge, You can also find useful articles and books online.

Don’t set unrealistic expectation because there is no way you can attain mastery over PHP, CSS or jQuery by reading some online tutorials but it will certainly help you get a grip on the subject. You will be more confident while hiring a Website Design Company because you know the basics. As you talk with them keep track of what is said and be sure they not only answer your questions but explain everything in a way that makes sense to you.

Take some time to go through the previous works done by the website design company. There is a good way to judge the website developers. Open their company website right in front of them and see the navigation. Ask questions about their designing technique and philosophy; also ask what their idea is about User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). be sure to get a list of what comes with their web packages. If their website does not give you a good vibe…the rest is your choice!

Check the Coding

It is good if idea if you don’t have a basic understanding of code to run it through and audit tool. You will learn what has been not done and if what has been done is correct. Make sure to get access to the CMS and login and be text it. try creating a page, post or ad products to your ecommerce site. Go through the contract line by line and verify that each item was included.

Latest Design and Technology

Technology is constantly changing with each year. So, keeping up-to-date on important issue during and after your project is key to knowing what you should be getting. Join a mailing list that send out website info for Noob web business owners. A designers mere imitation of trends is not what you should look for, but to have a thorough knowledge and clear reasoning while applying the trend. The designer must be able to explain the idea behind the design; otherwise you might want to go elsewhere!

Website Maintenance

You need to have a regular communication with the web developer in order to maintain the website in good health and achieve your business goals. You cannot summarize all your preferences in the very beginning. It is more than likely that you will keep adding new features to your website as you learn more about running an on-line business. Your web designer must communicate with you on on a regular basis. Regular upgrades, as frequent as once a month, will fix small issues quickly before there is a big problem.

To be precise, a website needs regular maintenance for keeping up-to date and maintaining good SEO. Obviously you will want your website to appear in the first page of Google search. So, make a clear contract with the company, whether they will look after the maintenance, perform SEO, and what they will charge for it. SEO is an extremely important part of running a web based business. Most SEO is separate and not a part of the website build. Be sure you know what you will be doing in advance. Before you write all your content you show;d have your SEO already planed.

Must Have Features of Every Small Business Website

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A strong online presence is a must for any businesses, irrespective of their size. Customers of today wish to evaluate the business and each and every product or service that is available; it is your responsibility to make sure you cater to every whim and wish of your customers in the easiest possible manner.

Almost every business has a website today; but not all of them have the kind of visibility or traffic they wish to achieve. It all depends on how you design your website and optimize it so as to generate leads on an everyday basis. Here are a few must-have features you should be sure to include on your business website:

Header Content:

  • Easy Domain name: Make sure your domain name is simple and easy to remember, while representing your business in the best way possible. It is also the number one keyword so, beside to select one that works for your industry.
  • Logo: Logo is often the face of your business. Simple is always better. Be sure it’s readable from a distance and with different color backgrounds.
  • Tag-Line: Many businesses often miss out on taglines. However, it is very important to add a tagline just below your logo which represents what your business does, in a very catchy manner.
  • Phone number: Without a phone number your business may not look genuine enough to your customers. Although the option of email is available it is always better to mention your phone number clearly on your website. Full contact info gives a sense of authenticity.
  • Call-to-action: This is the one that your customers will click to take the action you desire. This could be registering for an account, submitting their email address or buying your product or service. It needs to be clearly visible and recognizable enough for your visitors. Also make sure there aren’t too many of these. Each page should likely have only one call-to-action button, two if the page has large amounts of content.
  • Main Menu Navigation: Every website needs to have a main menu that is easy and clear to read and understand. The easier you make this, the simpler it will be for your user to navigate. This is one feature that not only enhances the user experience but can also improve the ranking of your website on Google. Be sure to check it on many browsers and devices.
  • Bread-crumb navigation: Bread-crumb navigation should be just below your top navigation menu it can help the user in getting to know his location on your website and is also great for SEO.

Above the Fold Content:

  • Slider or image: Having a slider or an image that highlights the most distinguishing part of your business is key to first impressions. This could be the main headline of your business. It’s the first thing a visitor will see, make it count.
  • Contact business information: This part will contain the most important piece of information about your business that you want to give to your customers. This is how your customers will find your place of business.
  • Testimonials & Reviews: Video testimonials or reviews may make it more interesting for your visitors and this can also help in increasing conversions

Below-the-Fold Content:

  • Main Features: This section would contain your products / services that you actually want to sell
  • Quality Content: This is the content that you will write for your users and the search engines. This will contain the unique points of your business and how it will benefit the users
  • Internal Links: This section should contain important links to the inner pages of your website

Footer Content:

  • Contact Information: This section will contain the address, telephone number and email ID of your business for your customers to contact you
  • Business Hours: The exact working hours of your store should be mentioned here. In case people would wish to contact customer support, it is important to mention the timings during which your support team will be available
  • Social Media Buttons: These are the buttons that will take your customers to your social media pages as in your Facebook page, YouTube Page, Google Plus Page and/or your Twitter Page.
  • Online Chat Features: In case you have an online chat feature enabled, you can mention the link here for customers to join you on online chat. This will help them clear their queries immediately and expedite your conversions.
  • Newsletter Sign-up form: This is where your visitors or customers will enter their email ID to subscribe
  • Footer Navigation: This will have all the links to the different pages of your website so that your customers can get to important areas of your site without the need of scrolling back to the top of the site.

Inner Pages:

  • Contact Us Page: This is one of your most important inner pages through which you can generate leads to your business. Also, this is the medium you offer for the customers to engage with you. It should ideally include a contact form and a captcha, which is an anti-spam feature
  • Personalized about us page: This will talk about your business, when it started, who started, what you do, your mission, your vision and your objectives.
  • Privacy Policy page: This is also one of the most important things that you need to include in your business website. This will help your customers be assured that their personal data will be safe on your website
  • FAQ Page: This page will have answers to a few common questions that will haunt the minds of your customers about your business. This will instantly clear most of the queries and improve your conversions
  • Blog Page: Every business should have a blog that gives information to the customers and to interact with its customers. This should ideally have a search feature, comment features, social media sharing buttons and a side bar that will show your popular blogs. One of the most important pages on a site for SEO.

The various other things you need to focus on are to include clear readable fonts and easily recognizable links and to make sure your website is mobile responsive. Do not include flash items or background audio on your website as this can decrease the speed of your website. It is better not to include self hosted videos and instead use YouTube links or the power of Vimeo. In order to make sure your website is search engine optimized make sure your website is cross-browser compatible and well-integrated with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Why Make the Switch over from HTTP to HTTPS

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An in-depth analysis of the HTTPS settings of about 10,000 domains has revealed the following statistics:

  • Only one out of every ten websites seems to have a HTTPS setup that is correct
  • 60% of websites across the world do not have any HTTPS
  • At least one in every four domains is missing out on a canonical HTTPS version
  • 25% of the domains are making use of the 302 (temporary) redirects in place of the 301 (permanent) redirects

Now, let us go on to find out why HTTPS matters: 

One good answer for this question is because Google says so. Among 200 odd factors, HTTPS is one of the ranking signals that Google considers while ranking websites. However, this is not the only ranking signal. In case your website is aligned with all the other ranking signals, HTTPS can probably take you one notch higher.  Nevertheless, the trick lies in getting it right, which even the big websites sometimes fail to do. If you do not have the right HTTPS setup, very soon Google’s Chrome browser may display a lock with a red X in the address bar whenever a user visits your webpage. Very soon the other browsers will follow this policy.

The main reason most website owners choose not to setup HTTPS is the cost. This requires a lot of encrypting which might cost you in terms of costs, additional hardware, SSL certificates, engineering hours, CPU cycles and bandwidth. Yet, if you need the benefits that HTTPS can bring to you, you will have to bear these costs.

Benefits of HTTPS over HTTP:

In case you have not yet decided to switch over from HTTP to HTTPS the following benefits that HTTPS has over HTTP can help you make up your mind:

  • Better protection and Website Security: HTTPS makes use of SSL or Secure Sockets Layer that protects your website from hackers. Once they see HTTPS, your users will be assured that their personal data is secure on your website. Especially if yours is an ecommerce website, this can help in increasing your online sales in a remarkable way.
  • Secure DNS Infrastructure: The DNS Infrastructure offered by a HTTPS website is a much more secure when compared to that of HTTP. There is more encryption in HTTPS which offers confidentiality, identity and integrity. Without your knowledge nobody will be able to alter the information that exists on your website.
  • Top security for browsers: When compared to HTTP, HTTPS offers better security to browsers. The logins and passwords they use will have a better chance on not being hacked by anyone. The data that they enter will be secure and no one will be able to monitor or track down their searches.

It was just a few years before that Facebook had a HTTP login page. This enabled many hackers from the Middle East steal the logins and passwords of many users by injecting a JavaScript. Once Facebook implemented HTTPS, it became much more secure and thus a whole lot more popular. One thing that can be surely said is that Facebook will never ever move back to HTTP again.

So, what do you have to keep in mind in order to get the HTTPS settings right?

  • Only use one URL-serving the content: There should be only one canonical version of your web content. This will help your users get redirected to the correct website. For instance, the user may typehttps://www.reddit.comhttp://www.reddit.comhttp://reddit.com and be directed to the same website https://www.reddit.com.
  • Always make use of permanent redirects: The use of temporary redirects is not advisable, although many of the websites stick to this practice. Using permanent redirects will help you pass along the link juice in a reliable manner. This will help in maximizing your SEO.
  • Make sure all the redirects display the right content: Too many redirects would mean slow loading speed of your website which might increase your bounce rates. Using redirect loops is not good for your website. While reducing the prospects of conversions, this will also affect your SEO negatively.

A few years ago, getting an SSL certificate was a very costly affair. Not so today. It just takes a few dollars to get that SSL certificate and make your website secure using HTTPS.  No more excuses. Make the change to HTTPS. Google is already pushing websites to adopt HTTPS and it will keep providing more and more incentives in future. Now, it all depends on how fast you adopt to HTTPS.